About us

Meet the people behind Codexsto - people who love clean code, pixel perfection and creative challenges.

Truly Extant

We started Codexsto back in 2016 - a small group of friends with a knack for the web and a desire to work on creative and complex projects together.

Codexsto Team

The core team goes way back before Codexsto was founded. We had fun working on a few part-time projects and there seemed to be some chemistry between us. The projects kept coming and we continuously engaged one another to be a part of it. We all knew soon we’d have to make a step further. Codexsto was our first big step together.

Nevena Stajic
Nevena Stajic
Aleksandar Nedeljkovic
Aleksandar Nedeljkovic
Stevan Antanaskovic
Stevan Antanaskovic
Miroslav Mitic
Miroslav Mitic
CEO / Developer
Meo - Zen Master
Zen Master

Since we began officially working as Codexsto, we had hundreds of fun, complex, difficult and challenging projects on our hands. As with any project, we had up’s and down’s - and with each project, we learned and grew. Our open collaborative culture took us out of the box. We recruit a roster of talent and we pride ourselves as a creative community, endlessly interested in what’s next.

We are a company that excels

Over the years, we’ve refined our project development processes and established a methodology that kept our most difficult projects clean and on track. We’ve made some great partnerships and retained a number of clients.
Some of who we are still working with.

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Our vision is to become a synonym for a digital agency you can rely on.

Our mission is to make enjoyable, usable and profitable digital products for our clients.

And we are here to deliver enjoyable digital experiences.

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